2. 会社案内(ABOUT US)



Sep.1992Chiba Machine Industry Corporation was established in Kashiwa, Chiba.
Nov.1994Developed Sleeve touch molding method for T die sheet molding equipment.
Nov.1995Developed Sleeve touch crimping method for embossing machine and laminating machine.
May.1996Head office moved to Nagareyama because of the business expansion.
Feb.1997Developed Tapeless automatic cut winder and its wrapping method.
May.1999European region technology license for Sleeve touch molding equipment to SML (Austria).
Jul.1999Gravure rotary printing machine division opened.
Oct.2001SML exhibits Sleeve touch molding equipment at K2001 Plastic Show in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Feb.2002Received the Excellent Technology Encouragement Award from Chiba Genki Mark Company for Sleeve touch molding equipment.
Mar.2003Test machine of Sleeve touch molding was installed in our factory.
Sep.2004Kashiwa factory was established.
Feb.2006Received the 10th Chiba Venture Business Management Award / Excellent President Award.
May.2006Head office moved to Kashiwa because of the business expansion.
Jul.2009Renewal of technology licensing agreement with SML.
Jun.2010Developed SF (Super flex) roll.
Aug.2010Development center on the premises of the head office established.
Jul.2011Introduced EPROTEC (Switzerland) gear pump technology.
Sep.2011SF roll certified as Chiba Manufacturing Certified Product.
Apr.2012Exhibited SF roll at 3rd Film Tech Japan.
Apr.2013Developed USM (Ultra Super Mirror) sleeve.
Apr.2013Exhibited USM sleeve at 4th Film Tech Japan.
Jul.2013Developed Sleeve touch method heat press device.
Feb.2014Recognized as support entrepreneur of New partnership by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Apr.2014Exhibited SSD (Super Sensitive Doctor) technology at 5th Film Tech Japan.
Sep.2014Developed SSD.
Aug.2017Toyoshiki factory was established.
Sep.2017Developed ringless SF roll.
Feb.2020Renewal of technology licensing agreement with SML.
Jun.2020Developed Tensionless winding method.
Dec.2020Introduced screen changer manufacturing technology and know-how from COFIT (Italy) and acquired sales rights.
Aug.2021BUSS (Switzerland) special kneading extrusion test equipment was installed.

※Patents have been applied for each development device.